Kaspar Schulz

Is the world’s oldest brewery equipment manufacturer and still a family business in its tenth generation. Customers are benefiting from accumulated and constantly evolving expertise since 1677

Brauereimaschinenfabrik & Apparatebauanstalt GmbH
Bamberg, Germany


In a time when awareness of responsible alcohol consumption and the variety of non-alcoholic beverages is steadily growing, SCHULZ has decided to develop an own system that allows smaller and medium-sized breweries to produce high-quality non-alcoholic beer. The innovative approach: Parallel to the hot holding section of a conventional flash pasteurizer, the SCHULZ Wizard enables vacuum-based alcohol evaporation at low heat load. Furthermore, the plant is equipped with a tank that serves as a buffer tank in flash pasteurization operation and as a stacking tank for degassed water to adjust the desired original gravity of the beer. The basic configuration of the SCHULZ Wizard is equipped with a degassing and evaporator unit at a throughput of 10 hl/h and can, with the addition of a second evaporator unit, halve the circulation time or double the batch size. 


  • Batch de-alcoholisation of beer in a re-circulation process
  • Flash pasteurization of beer from tank to tank process; alternatively directly to the filler
  • Carbonation & blending unit
  • Fully automated operation
  • Approx. 12 hours until alcohol reduction below 0.5% alcohol of one tank
  • Possible modular expansion for improving throughput time or increasing batch size
  • All-rounder for small and medium-sized breweries

Schulz Malting

The SCHULZ malting system consists of an external conical steeping vessel and a germination-kilning drum with connected aeration technology.

SCHULZ has used the most advanced technologies available to design an automatic and flexible malting system that can turn out a variety of reproducible high-quality malts and malt products. 


Simple operation. An extremely high level of automation ensures a pleasant, less labour-intensive malting process that will cut down on work hours. The automatic program gives you user-friendly access to process steps, parameters and recipes — no programming knowledge needed.

Wide range of products. The huge variety of malts that can be produced in the malting drum leaves nothing to be desired. In addition to processing of a wide variety of grains, it has enormous potential for boosting product diversity and for distribution to all malt-processing industries — and all in line with the most stringent food safety standards

Outstanding malt. Eliminating additional turning devices that can crush or damage the grain ensures that the grain is mixed uniformly and gently. Uniform distribution of the grain during each step of the process guarantees homogeneous products of the highest quality.