IndSpect GmbH is a manufacturer for inspection system in both the dry and wet End of the Production area

The range goes on from Production date Stamp inspection over product variety check of packages, fill-level in various containers, closure check, label inspection and more. The system range can be integrated from slow to high speed applications.

The Technology used can be visual, High-Frequency (HF) and x-ray for fill-height detection in Cans

Individual solution for the application with specific requirements complete the Inspection system portfolio by Indspect

Fill level control at high frequency

The INDSPECT X-ray Fill-Level Control enables the inspection of bottles or containers during the passing through on the conveying system. It is possible with this system incorrect fill-level to detect and reject thee containers.
The bottles/containers are controlled of a pre-selected height, through X-rays for over-fill and/or under-fill.
Orientation, colour or Labelling of the bottle/container does not disturb the level-recognition.

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