Esau & Hueber

Esau & Hueber specializes in providing advanced solutions for air and yeast process management, catering specifically to industries such as brewing, fermentation, and food processing.

Their comprehensive range of products and services includes cutting-edge custom control panel fabrication tailored to optimize air and yeast management processes.

From precise temperature and pressure control to efficient aeration and fermentation monitoring, Esau & Hueber’s solutions ensure the highest standards of quality and consistency in product outcomes.

With a keen focus on innovation and reliability, Esau & Hueber stands as a trusted partner in maximizing efficiency and productivity in air and yeast process management.

Cold-block Systems

  • Carlsberg Flask 25 & 50
  • Yeast plants (from Mirco- to Flexi-plants)
  • Wort-Aeration
  • Carbonation systems
  • Pasteuriser (KZE)
  • complete Tankfarm/cellar design
  • and moreā€¦..

Carlsberg Flask Masterclass

The ESAU & HUEBER (ESH)CARLSBERG FLASK(CBF) designed to process yeast from laboratory pure culture. The flask is fabricated to meet highest hygienic specifications required for yeast propagation. It is easy to operate and to clean / sterilise. The hygienic connections and fittings are assembled avoiding any dead legs

Significant difference of the ESH CBF is that it is a jacketed vessel and can be connected directly to the cooling & heating media. No need to transfer  during the growth process.

The CBF is supplied in 25l or 50l version. Where the latter can also utilised in a Micro-Prop (image to the right) when the larger and/or more automated process is required. The MicroProp will automate the Clean transfer into propagation tanks 

Yeast Management

Micro- / Craft-Air

  • professional and efficient aeration for smaller breweries
  • cost-optimized design with a very effective solubility of oxygen in the wort
  • a fixed piping is not necessary by connecting the system with hoses
  • available with just the nozzle or including a sterile air panel
  • Can be ordered on a frame for Skid mounting or for wall mounting

Turbo Air

  • patented two-component nozzle
  • saturation right after the nozzle, therefore no dissolving section required
  • monitoring of the sterile air quantity by measuring pressure and flow speed
  • simple operation directly at the touch panel
  • various degrees of automation possible
  • the nominal widths available range for TURBO AIR from 40 to 150 mm

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